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About Delia

Delia Foord

I'm still twenty something and now living in Northampton, England [1]... I moved to England in 2001, intending to stay here for just a year after finishing my degree. In Northampton I met Michael and decided to stay another year. In 2003 we got married.

I grew up in the Moldova region of Romania. This is in the Northeast and is one of the poorer regions of Romania. My hometown is called Roman, a medium sized town, and my parents still live there.

My mother cooks a great deal. Hospitality is very important in Romania. My Dad is not a bad cook either. I never cooked a great deal when I was younger, but it is something that I enjoy a great deal now. Cooking Romanian food is one way I remind myself of home when I miss it.

[1]Northampton is officially the middle of nowhere in England. Actually it is a fairly large town, with a population of around 200 000. Northampton's greatest claim to fame is that shoes used to be made there...

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