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Delia's Recipebook

Delia Foord

These are some of Delia Foord's recipes. Delia is Romanian, but has lived in England for the last few years. She is an extraordinary cook [1], and her cooking is a combination of English and traditional Romanian dishes.

The name of this website, in case you hadn't already guessed, is a tribute to that other famous cooking Delia: Delia Smith.

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  • Aubergine Salad & Homemade Mayonnaise

    Another two for the price of one bargain! Home made mayonnaise and a recipe for an Aubergine (eggplant) salad entree that uses it (suitable for vegetarians).

  • Borsch with Beans

    A sour soup made from a fermented wheat bran. It is both delicious, and a traditional Romanian dish. (Suitable for vegetarians.)

  • Dahl Soup

    A spicy curry and vegetable soup (suitable for vegetarians).

  • Mamaliga

    Mamaliga is a sort of maize pudding similar to the Italian polenta. It is an accompaniment to most Romanian dishes. (Suitable for vegetarians.)

  • Romanian Marble Cake

    A recipe for marble cake that Delia has borrowed from her Mum, and adapted.

  • Parjoale - Romanian Meatballs

    The Romanians are great lovers of meat and have many kinds of sausages and meatballs. This is a recipe for Parjoale, a typical Romanian meatball.

  • Thick Pea Soup

    A Romanian thick pea soup that is more like a casserole (suitable for vegetarians).

  • Chicken with Sour Cream

    A chicken dish, cooked with a sour-cream sauce.

  • Thai Chicken and Noodles

    Two recipes for the price of one! Thai chicken sauce (with coconut milk) served with noodles. The Thai chicken sauce is a very mild curry and can be made from leftover chicken.

  • Tomato Sauce with Red Peppers

    Another recipe from Delia's mother, this sauce makes a great accompaniment to meat but is good enough to eat on its own (suitable for vegetarians).


Some of these recipes are suitable for those on a vegetarian diet, but please check the ingredients yourself!

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